Fudan University

Medical University

Fudan University was founded in 1905 and located in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Fudan is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary research university with many highly-ranked majors and programs, and is a member of the C9 League, Universitas 21 and Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU).
About Fudan University
Fudan has four campuses, covering an area of 2,440,000m2, with the measure of 1,490,000m2 of school buildings. The university possesses 5 national key laboratories and 33 provincial key laboratories. Fudan has 5 libraries specializing in the field of liberal arts, science, and medicine, with over 5,190,000 collections of books. It has 11 affiliated hospitals, all possess advanced facilities. Fudan University comprises 19 schools, 69 departments, 70 bachelor’s degree programs, 229 master degree programs, 187 Ph.D. degree programs. The number of full-time teachers is over 2,700, 745 of them are professors, 795 of them are associate professors, 34 of them are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Fudan has more than 30,000 full-time students, consisting of over 14,000 master’s students and doctoral students, over 14,000 undergraduate students, and over 3,400 international students.
Living in University
Fudan University is widely known for its campus culture of freedom, rich variety, and forward progress. Its campus culture is expressed in many dimensions, such as its outstanding school spirit, its rich academic flavor, its ideology of free discussion, the many independent choices available, its open and accepting attitude, as well as many elements of content, such as its more than 2000 lectures and forums per year, several tens of athletic competitions, more than a hundred artistic performances and cultural exhibits, over 310 student clubs, almost 500 social events, extracurricular academic creations by almost a thousand students, over ten thousand instances of volunteerism, etc. The school culture is like soil and air, nourishing generation after generation of the Fudan community. Fudan students, teachers, and alumni consciously protect and cultivate it through extensive participation and experience. This is why the school tradition is carried on, and it is how the Fudan spirit is carried forward—it goes beyond the campus, and influences society. In this process of shared ownership, shared construction, and shared use, an inherent character was gradually cultivated in the Fudan community, consisting of an idealistic mood, social responsibility, and a rational spirit.



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Student Life

Accommodation at Fudan University
Fudan Foreign Student Dormitory is constituted by the Main building and the Supplementary building. Introduction to both buildings is as follows:
Introduction to the main building:(Building No.’0′):The main building located northwest of Fudan campus is a 23 storey building with totally 728 rooms, 582 single rooms and 146 double rooms respectively. There are 4 elevators in the main building (in the mid of north and south lobbies).The double rooms are from 1st floor to 14th floor.
The operational offices such as accommodation office, superintendant office, mail office and teachers’ offices are located on the first floor of the main building including that of ISO (International Student’s office). The north lobby of the main building includes: reception desk, mini-supermarket, reading area and a 24hours reception/front desk service. The mail boxes are on the south lobby of the main building. A Staff member manages the distribution of the incoming letters and package receipts. The basement of the main building is used as parking lot (bikes).
From the 2nd floor to the 20th floor, there are 36 rooms on each floor with 18 rooms on both sides. Each floor is equipped with 2 kitchens at both ends of corridor respectively for each floor. The kitchens are equipped with: gas oven (1), washing machine (the card to access it can be purchased at the laundry room, Supplementary Building, Unit 4), gas water heater (1), and automatic water boiler (1). From the 21st floor to the 23d floor there are 12 rooms on each floor, 6 per side.All the rooms in the main building are equipped with balconies, air-conditioner, private bathroom,internet access. Please note: The beds come with no beddings.
Introduction to the Supplementary Building (Builing No. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9):The supplementary building is consisted of 9 identical units and the booking serial number in the system goes by Unit 1, unit 2, unit 3, unit 4, unit 5, unit 6, unit 7, unit 8, unit 9.
All the 9 units of the supplementary building have altogether 504 single rooms. Each unit is a 7 storey unit. Each floor has two apartments. Each apartment has 4 single rooms, sitting room (1), bathrooms (2) (with 24hrs running hot water).Each of the single rooms have balconies, air-conditioner. There is a laundry room located in the supplementary building, Unit 4, in case students find it more convenient to have their clothes washed instead of self service. Please note: The beds come with no beddings. Students who chose to move on the units of the supplementary building need to take the stairs since there are no elevators installed.
There is a deposit of 200RMB before residing in both buildings. The deposit shall be returned to the student upon return of an undamaged room and undamaged equipments by the student. The Students’ cafeteria and the Gym is 1 block behind the Foreign Students Dorm

Schools and Research Institutes
Fudan consists of 29 schools and departments, with seventy undergraduate disciplines. The University confers bachelor's degrees in seventy academic disciplines, and master's degrees in two hundred and twenty five disciplines (with fifty of them established by the University itself), and doctoral degrees in twenty-four Level I and one hundred and fifty-three Level II academic disciplines (with twenty-nine of them established by the University itself). There are also twenty-five research stations that offer postdoctoral fellowships.

Students and Faculty
Fudan now has an enrollment of 26,792 full-time degree candidates. Another 20,670 are studying at the schools of Continuing Education and Online Education. Besides, the University's population of foreign students is 2,812 today.
Fudan boasts a qualified faculty of over 2,481 full-time teachers and researchers, including 1,400 full professors and associate professors, 35 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 831 doctoral advisors, 50 chair professors and 25 lecture professors of the Cheungkong Scholars Program, 11 chief scientists of Project 973 and thirty-three Young and Middle-Aged Experts Nationally Acknowledged for Their Outstanding Achievements. In the recent years, the University has been proactive in recruiting youthful strengths and optimizing the echelon of its faculty. Fudan has ten teaching hospitals, such as Zhong-shan (Dr. Sun Yat-san) Hospital and Hua-shan (Mount Lotus) Hospital, which offer quality medical service to the general public, conduct clinical education to student doctors and perform advanced scientific researches.

The single and solitary goal of Fudan is to cultivate more and more all-round talents for modern China. Emulating the other successful institutions of tertiary and quaternary education at home and abroad, the University has been carrying out a series of daring experiments to integrate the various disciplines of learning and to utilize the abundant resources of a comprehensive university. After years of exploring and practicing, Fudan has now established its own curriculum and management system, both of which are unique and progressively improving.
High-tech Industry
Fudan also actively incubates high-tech industries and encourages them to convert knowledge to power. Years of learning and discovering have yielded great benefits as well as profits. In return, the multi-pattern development of the high-tech industries helps the University with breathtaking efficiency to industrialize the research outcomes. Meanwhile, a group of University-sponsored enterprises is emerging, filled with passion and ambition. Fudan has thus created its signature style of doing business.

Program Description
The curriculum planning shall include the following three parts:
(1) Chinese culture and natural science courses. In order to facilitate their learning and life in China and contact with patients in their medical practice, the Chinese language shall be a compulsory course during the whole undergraduate medical program in English for international students in China.
(2) Basic medical sciences, behavioral science, humanities, social science and medical ethics, preventive medicine and clinical medicine. It is also required to pass the examinations of these courses respectively.
(3) Internship. The institutions shall meticulously organize the reasonable arrangement of the internship. The duration of the internship is one year (at least 48 weeks).

Degree Awarded:
On completing the requirements of the teaching program and passing the graduation examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certificate and conferred a medical degree by the host institution, if they meet the degree regulations of the host institution. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

Internship and Career
Students can choose to do the internship/training in China, their home country or any other country.
If international students would like to do the internship in China, Fudan University would help student choose a hospital. Students need to pass the HSK 5 to contact with the patients before internship.
Shanghai Medical School has 10 affiliated hospitals, with a total of nearly 7,000 beds and a group of world advanced medical equipment. In order to keep a stable and excellent team of clinical medicine faculty, the school has recruited 554 instructors, including 204 professors, 206 associate professor and 144 assistant professors.
If students want to do the internship in other country, Fudan University needs to do a qualification evaluation on the hospital which student chooses. And, students have to take the final examination on Theory Test and Clinical Evaluation in Fudan University.
After obtaining MBBS Degree, the graduates can apply to take the medical licensing examination in the medical council in order to get registered and practice medicine. According to the regulations in different countries, the students may need to do the degree accreditation first. A MBBS degree holder can find jobs in government as well as private hospitals, nursing homes and other health facilities. Except this, one can also start his own clinic or pursue study for master's degree.

Note: An interview will be scheduled. The applicants will be informed about the exact date and time of the interview. Applicants in Shanghai will have a face-to-face interview while other applicants will take the interview via Skype.
Qualified students will be selected on the basis of interview and application documents.
Application documents will not be returned.
Administration of Shanghai Medical University

How to Get to Fudan University?
By Taxi Starting point: Shanghai Pudong International Airport To: Handan Campus It will take you about 39 Minutes and 141 CNY by day and 184 CNY at night to get FUDAN. Distance: About 40.6 KM To: Fenglin campus It will take you about 50 Minutes and 165 CNY by day and 215 CNY at night to get FUDAN. Distance: About 47.4 KM Tipping is not a conventional item in Chinese social cultures. You feel no pressure to do so or not after having been served.