Jinzhou Medical University

School of Clinical Medicine

Founded in 1946, Liaoning Medical University (LMU)is a public medical university, which is located in the coastal city of Jinzhou, in western Liaoning, this is 3 and a half hours east of Beijing. Changed name from Liaoning Medical University into Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU) in 2016.
The campus covers 1,140,000 square meters and is in the north of the city. JZMU (ex LMU) has 17 teaching departments, 98 teaching offices, 56 teaching laboratories, 4 main affiliated comprehensive hospitals with 4700 sick beds, and 169 bases for teaching and practice. Among the 3880 faculty members there are 680 associate professors and 358 professors and chief doctors. There are approximately more than 20,000 students studying a wide range of medicine-related courses at the university, including over 1200 international students from 34 countries. We offer Clinical Medicine MBBS and Pharmacy in English medium and Clinical Medicine MBBS , Pharmacy, Medical Imaging Radiology, Anesthesiology and 20 other undergraduate programs in Chinese medium. We offer Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology and 56 other postgraduate programs in both English and Chinese medium and Surgery, Nursing and other 7 joined-doctor degree programs as well. Moreover, we offer Chinese language courses and tour study programs.
LMU (Now JZMU) is amongst those universities that are allowed to offer the program of MBBS in English medium by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. JZMU is recognized by WHO and ECFMG.

It is one of the biggest cities in Liaoning with a population of 3,126,463 at the 2010 census whom 880,706 in the built up area made of 3 urban districts.
Jinzhou is an ancient city with over one thousand year’s history. Situated next to the sea in western Lioaning Province, it is in a favorable location and serves as China’s most northern port as a vibrant economic center.
Jinzhou airport provides flights to Chinese airports, and there are two train stations in Jinzhou.
There are a number of green areas with trees, and a reservoir in the border of the town which has weeping willows and a beautiful promenade and park. There are also a number of well-kept parks, and there are mountains for nearby hiking such as Yiwulü Mountain and Bijia Mountain.
The city is vibrant busy, and there are many shops and amenities. The cost of taxis in Jinzhou starts at 5 RMB.



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Student Life

The campus of Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU) lies in the north of the city, about ten minutes away from downtown. The campus is pretty big. It takes about twenty minutes to walk from one end to the other. It is very clean and well-maintained. There always seem to be groundskeeper’s actively watering, pruning and mowing the many lawns and ornamental trees. New campus by the seaside will be completed in the near future.

Program Description
The curriculum planning shall include the following three parts:
(1) Chinese culture and natural science courses. In order to facilitate their learning and life in China and contact with patients in their medical practice, the Chinese language shall be a compulsory course during the whole undergraduate medical program in English for international students in China.
(2) Basic medical sciences, behavioral science, humanities, social science and medical ethics, preventive medicine and clinical medicine. It is also required to pass the examinations of these courses respectively.
(3) Internship. The institutions shall meticulously organize the reasonable arrangement of the internship. The duration of the internship is one year (at least 48 weeks).

Main Courses
Human Anatomy, Histology & Embryology, Medical Psychology, Cell Biology, Microbiology & Parasitology, Immunology, Pathology, Medical Genetics, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Epidemiology, MedicalImageology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases etc.

Degree Awarded
MBBS Degree: On completing the requirements of the teaching program and passing the graduation examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certificate and conferred a medical degree by the host institution, if they meet the degree regulations of the host institution. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

The internship is arranged in the sixth year and lasts for 1 year (at least 48 weeks). Students can choose to do it in China, their home country or any other country. Generally, the internship is arranged in the First Affiliated Hospital of LMU, which is a large and modern hospital with 56 years of history.

After obtaining MBBS degree, the graduates can apply to take the medical licensing examination in the medical council in order to get registered and practice medicine. The MBBS graduates of LMU who have taken the medical licensing examinations have a high passing rate.

Educational & Accommodation Facilities
Educational conditions are excellent, with private classrooms for the overseas students. Modern computerized teaching technologies and facilities in the computer center are available for courses involved in computer-aided teaching.
The university’s library has an advanced electronic reading room and has access to the retrieval system for medical documents from the American MEDLINE and the Chinese Medical Institute. At the same time, the university library provides a convenient studying environment for overseas students. The experts hotel is available in the campus for the overseas students with hotel–standard accommodation together with a dormitory especially designed for the overseas students including laundry facilities and kitchen. A wide variety of restaurants and cafeterias are located throughout the campus, with a selection of foods diverse enough to cater to many tastes. Recreational areas on campus provide for all kinds of sports and activities, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and roller-skating. There are lots of shops satisfying the domestic needs of students.
At the moment we have two dormitory buildings with a total of 141 rooms for foreign students. In each room t here is a small entry corridor with two closets and the door to the bathroom. The room itself is about 150 square feet. Each room is equipped with beds, a wardrobe, a desk and chair, a side table, a television (with reception of all Chinese channels and satellite). Each room has at least one large window.
In addition, central heat is provided by a radiator in the winter, and the rooms have individually controlled air-conditioners for the summer heat. Moreover every room has internet connection. The bathroom is comfortable. It is about 25 square feet. The toilet is western style. There is a water heater mounted on the wall that connects by hose to a shower head. There is a sink and mirror. Every bathroom is also equipped with a washing machine. Apart from the rooms in the dormitory there is also a public kitchen with cooking utilities and refrigerators and a place where the students can have their meals.
Normally international students share a room with another international student. The cost price is 5500 RMB a year. In case you don`t want to share a room, you can get a single room, the price of which is 11.000 RMB a year.

Registration Administration
It is important that enrolled overseas students present themselves at the University for Registration at least 3 days in advance of the enrollment date prescribed in the enrollment notification. Anyone who fails to register in time may still register within one month of the enrollment date, subject to permission being granted by the university, with valid reasons being explained / accepted for non-compliance to the aforementioned 3 day rule. If Students fail to register within one month, his or her enrollment will be cancelled, with notification being given to the corresponding embassy or consulate.
Passport, enrollment notification, form JW202, a health examination report together with 8 recent passport photos (3cm × 5cm) are required for enrollment registration. All prescribed original documents must be handed in for verification by the university. The scholar registration will be obtained as soon as these items are sanctioned. Anyone regarded to be unqualified during the initial evaluation, can be accepted as a “further study” student under certain circumstances, but will not obtain the scholar registration until he or she becomes qualified after one year of study. Anyone remaining unqualified will only graduate as a further study student.
An overseas student studying in Liaoning medical university should abide by the same rules and regulations that are followed by the Chinese student. Full course participation is expected and unexcused absences are forbidden. Students who leave the university prior to course completion, for any reason, will forfeit all charges and will not be refunded any education costs. Graduation certificate, academic degree or certificate of course completion will only be awarded to the student upon finishing the prescribed academic course.

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