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Medical University

Qingdao University is located in the beautiful seaside city, Qingdao. Campus sits at the foot of the Fushan Mountains, overlooking the Yellow Sea's sandy beaches. The breathtaking views and the comfortable seaside climate make Qingdao University a great place to study. The city has a unique, rich cultural history that makes it a great place to better understand Chinese people and culture.
Qingdao University is comprised of 22 colleges and 94 majors with undergraduate programs covering literature, history, philosophy, natural sciences, law, economics, management, engineering, medical science, education, art, and more. There are 35 doctoral programs and 178 master’s programs. Current enrollment is over 40,000 students. QU attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, taking a welcoming policy as the important developmental strategy of the university as QU moves toward internationalization. Qingdao University is proud to have international exchange programs with more than 130 universities in more than 20 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and many more.
Each year QU invites about 50 long-term and 100 short-term international professors and instructors to teach on campus. There are also opportunities for approximately 500 Chinese students, scholars, and administrative staff members to study, teach, or work abroad. QU faculty, staff, and student involvement in international academic exchange has significantly increased in recent years.
QU began recruiting international students in 1987. Qingdao University is one of the universities approved by the Ministry of Education to enroll international students and is also an authorized HSK Test Center (the primary Chinese proficiency test). Designated as an “Education Center of Chinese Language and Culture” by the Overseas Chinese Bureau of the State Council, Qingdao University has become one of a dozen universities in China which offer quality courses in Chinese language and culture.
QU offers a wide range of disciplines and also has a Chinese Language College specializing in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. There are obvious advantages to international education. In recent years, there is a growing number of international students who apply to study in QU. We have international students from 40 countries in five continents. Apart from enrolling international students to various majors, QU also offers special courses for those students.
1. Chinese Language Undergraduate Courses: Schooling lasts four years. Students who pass the examination will obtain the graduation certificate and also be conferred the bachelor’s degree issued by Chinese Ministry of National Education. Overseas students who hold high school diplomas and have passed the HSK 3 can apply for admission to Qingdao University.
2. Chinese Language Training Courses: QU offers HSK Elementary, HSK Intermediate and HSK Advanced courses. There are seven to nine levels each semester suitable for beginners to advanced level students depending on student enrollment. Before taking the HSK, we also organize corresponding preparation courses.
3. Master of Teaching Chinese Language: Schooling lasts two years. It specializes in training teachers for teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
4. MBBS via English Media program: Schooling lasts six years. The Qingdao University Medical College is recognized by the World Health Organization, and was included in the World Medical College directory as having superb facilities and a robust set of well-qualified faculty. Courses for the Clinical Medicine Undergraduate Program are taught in English.
Qingdao University, situated in the historical and cultural city of Qingdao, is imbued with a profound traditional culture and the spirit of the present. It nestles below Fushan Mountain and faces the Yellow Sea.
Its predecessor is Qingdao Specialized Institute of Higher Learning founded in 1909. The institute, unique in medical education, underwent various stages as Qingdao Medical School, Qingdao Medical University, and Qingdao Medical Specialized School.
Another historical source of Qingdao University is Private Qingdao University, established in 1924 and then named as National Qingdao University and National Shandong University. In 1946, National Shandong University merged with Qingdao Medical Specialized School, resulting in the establishment of the Medical School, which was later separated from Shandong University in 1956 and became Qingdao Medical School. Shandong University moved to Ji’nan in 1958, and Qingdao University started its reconstruction in 1985.
Qingdao Textile Technical School, established in 1950, was renamed Shandong Textile Engineering Institute in 1978, after two periods as Qingdao Textile Vocational School and then Shandong Textile Industry School.
Qingdao Teachers Training College, founded in 1951, underwent different phases as Qingdao Work-study Teachers College and Qingdao Normal College, and was renamed Qingdao Teachers College in 1981.
In 1993, Qingdao University, Qingdao Medical College, Shandong Textile Engineering College, and Qingdao Teachers College merged into the new Qingdao University, which then stepped into a new stage of development at a fresh starting point while inheriting fine traditions.
Distinctive disciplines originating from different periods are integrated into today’s Qingdao University, which, like a mighty river joined by meandering tributaries, surges forward with high hopes of the nation and for the future.
Qingdao University implements the strategy of “building up the university on the basis of talent cultivation, and invigorating it through learning and with talents”, with the obligation to “impart profound academic knowledge and cultivate talents with great leaning to meet the needs of our nation”. We advocate academic inclusion, learn from diverse cultures, inherit human civilizations, pursue the truth of humanity and nature, and shoulder the social responsibility to cultivate high-quality talents, who take the lead in social development and cultural advancement.
After years of construction, Qingdao University has evolved into a large-scale comprehensive university with multiple disciplines of natural science and humanistic and social science. It has won acclaim from the society for its high-quality education and high academic level. Now students, faculty and staff of Qingdao University are striding forward toward a brilliant future, with hopes and dreams, historical mission and social responsibilities.



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Student Life

Qingdao University has admitted international students since 1987, with the approval of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It was also approved as the “Education Base of Chinese Language and Culture” by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council in 2004.
Qingdao University offers programs covering a wide range of disciplines and shows prominent advantages in international education. Recent years have seen an increasing number of international applicants for study here. The international students come from more than 60 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Norway, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela.
The College of International Education has excellent teachers, of whom both full-time and part-time teachers hold the Chinese Teaching Certificates. The college is equipped with advanced multi-media facilities and provides Chinese language learning courses, an undergraduate program for Chinese Language majors, and a master’s program in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.
The Medical College of Qingdao University is recognized by the World Health Organization and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Qingdao University is also authorized by the Ministry of Education of China to be one of the institutions of higher learning to offer courses in English for majors of Clinical Medicine.
Qingdao University has offered a six-year MBBS program delivered in English since 2006. At present hundreds of international students from countries such as India, Thailand, Nepal, and Tanzania attend this program.
Qingdao University, a beautiful coastal city, will attract more and more international students, with its high quality of teaching and efficient administrative management.

Application Procedures
I. Admission:

Applicants with satisfactory applications will receive an “Admission Notice” and “Visa Application for International Students and Scholars to China (JW202 Form).” Please apply for an X1orX2 visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country by using our materials. The details of visa process please check from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
Applications for Bachelor’s Degree studies will be required to take the standard entrance examination for their disciplines The entrance examination is not required for those applying to the undergraduate program of Chinese Language.

1. Please take good care of your passport, residence card, credit card, cash and other valuables.
2. Please lock doors and windows when you leave your room and go off campus.
3. Please do not talk too much with strangers on the street or take them to your room.
4. Please leave quickly when a stranger bothers you, and call 110 at once if someone strikes or harms you.
5. Please ask the traffic policemen for help when you lose your way.
6. Please do not lend money to strangers.
7. Please ask your teachers on duty for help when you are in trouble.
8. No driving without license or after drinking.

(1) Many Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Western-style restaurants are around the campus and almost everywhere in Qingdao – for example, Jusco, Carrefour, Taidong area, and Zhongshan Road.
(2)Yunxiao Road: a door-to-door restaurant street, Bus 31/ 316, four stops, 150 meters back from Carrefour, to the left, next to Bank of China.