State University

The University serves the INDIVIDUAL by providing the student with a nurturing environment for optimal human flourishing. It serves the Community by offering programs responsive to individual and social needs.

Transforming lives by educating for the best. The goal of CSU College of Medicine is to enhance our regional, national and international recognition as a credible medical school known for excellence of our teaching, research and service. We will continue to be a significant player in the training of competent, compassionate physicians especially for the medically underserved communities and populations. The College likewise endeavours to be an exemplar in broadening access to Medical education and ultimately access to cost effective medical care and service for our country men.

The CSU College of Medicine shall produce competent, compassionate, ethical and socially responsive medical graduates who shall be health care providers, health educators, researchers, community leaders and social mobilizers as they practice holistic medical care.


Cagayan State University - Carig Campus is located on a 19.8 - hectare land area which houses seven (7) colleges offering 24 undergraduate programs in the arts, agriculture, natural sciences, and technology. These programs are continually improving by undergoing series of accreditation and quality control- a proof that CSU-Carig stands firm to its vision of transforming the lives of Cagayanos and the Filipinos at large by educating for the best. To date, CSU-Carig remains to be progressive in responding to national and international standards. It has several breakthroughs to infrastructure development and will continue to build more state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms to equip our graduate the necessary competencies needed to compete in the national and global arena. In fact, CSU-Carig has five (5) research centers for science and technology, public administration, and sport and wellness. The presence of these research centers shall significantly provide practical and meaningful learning experiences to our students. It has also been placed in the top performing schools in the nation in professional examinations. CSU-Carig is also the home of the best athletes and artists in the region. It has been consistent in sending athletes to national sports competitions and artists in national culture and the arts festivals representing the whole region.

In CSU-Carig you get quality education by providing you meaningful learning experiences. It endeavors a bold commitment to develop well-rounded graduates ready in the workplace.

Campus Facilities, Resources and Services

Fulfilling its mission of transforming lives by educating for the best and in its quest for quality and excellence. The Cagayan State University at Carig Campus provided and equipped its buildings and laboratories with up-to-date facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. The Campus library has numerous titles of books in different fields of specialization including e-books for faculty and students. Sports facilities are more than enough for the conduct of sports activities as part of the holistic development of students. The Registrar’s Office upgraded the Student Information and Accounting System allowing students to view their grades online and a queuing system as an added feature for a hassle free enrolment process. At present, the Campus continues to improve its infrastructure along instruction, research, extension and production as it aims to be a center for learning and innovation that produces global citizens who are competent, assertive, responsible, innovative and goal oriented.

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission Test Result
  2. Form 138
  3. Certificate of Good moral character
  4. 2 copies of I.D. picture
  5. Police clearance
  6. . Authenticated NSO Birth Certificate