Lyceum Northwestern


Lyceum Northwestern University ( LNU ) is Founded in 1969 and is located in Dagupan City. Dagupan is an independent city in Pangasinan province with a small population of about 180,000 inhabitants and is located in the Island of Luzon. It is a major commercial and Financial Centre in the North of Philippines and is a very quiet and lush green city with an excellent average temperature between 22 to 32 deg C round the year. It provides an excellent academic environment the students. Dagupan has 12 hospitals with the largest one having more than 600 bed space.

LNU is about 230 kms from Manila International Airport and very well connected with Manila by 6 lane Highway and with fast neat and clean AC bus connectivity in every 30 Minutes , and takes approximately Hours 40 minutes travel time from Airport via ( N Luzon W Expy/R-8 and N Luzon Expy/R-8).

LNU started as a nursing school and gradually developed into full grown independent university. It Medical college is very well known and emphasize on balanced academic and social competencies and team spirit. LNU has a clear vision to be the Regional Center for Excellence in Medical Education by the year 2020.

LNU has a modern campus with more than 7000 students community studying in various faculties Including over 1800 foreign students that includes more than 250 Indian Medical students. It offers safe and secure affordable housing and mess in its modern hostel building. In addition it also has on campus sports and recreational facility. It has separate Indian Food mess.

LNU College of medicine is listed in WHO Directory of Medical Universities and its Medico Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and MCI. LNU is listed in IMED Directory. Students can appear for USMLE part 1 & 2 in Philippines during their study.

College of Medicine

Its vision to be the Regional Center for Excellence in Medical Education by 2020 whose graduates are capable primary health care physicians aware of moral and spiritual values in a changing world and conscious of the obligations of the physician regarding these values in the practice of medicine.

Goals and Objectives

Formation of a basic physician who is educated in the methodology principles of Medicine and who has the necessary background to practice primary health care with minimum dependence on sophisticated facilities but with maximum use of his senses and skills; and to motivate him/her to go to post-graduate training in a specialty or research.

Practical Exposure

By and large Medical Courses in Philippines are Practical Oriented as per United States pattern, where LNU Medical Program is more practical oriented and it provides practical exposure to its medical students through its affiliation with government hospitals and medical centers. The students of LNU get to train in Region 1 Medical Center and other Government hospitals of Dagupan.

Final Year Students (MD-4thYear) in their Clerkship rotation program get excellent hands on exposure under the guidance of active consultants. They get training for 12 months in the hospitals with some of the following specialties:

  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics

BS-MD Course
  • The four year medical course at Lyceum North western University is called “Doctor of Medicine (M.D)”. It is MBBS equivalent and is of 4 Years duration
  • BS Biology Course duration is of 12 Months.
  • After completing BS Biology. Premedical course student’s moves to MD course automatically that’s why some time this medical course is known as BS-MD.
  • The course covers the normal Human Anatomy, Parasitology, Gynecology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Obsetrics, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, and Community health, General Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Medical Practice, and Psychiatry etc

Course Duration
  • MD course takes 4 Years after BS of 12 Months.
  • BS-MD course takes 4 ½ to 5 Years after 10+

Admission Requirements


  1. Completed APPLICATION FORM for admission into the College of Medicine
  2. National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) result
  3. Transfer Credential Certificate/Official Transcript of Records
  4. Photocopy of College Diploma or Certificate of Graduation
  5. Photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by the National Statistics Office
  6. Police Clearance or NBI Clearance
  7. Four (4 pcs.) 2×2 pictures
  8. *Certificate of Eligibility for Admission to Medicine (CEAM) to be processed by the LNUFQD Admission Office
  9. Application/CEAM Fee of Php 1,000 to be paid at the Cashier’s Office (Official Receipt must be submitted to the Office of the Dean / Admission Office
  10. Medical Health Certificate including Chest X-ray, Fecalysis, Urinalysis, CBC
  11. For students who have passed the PRC Licensing Examination (e.g. Nursing, Medical Technology, Pharmacy, etc.), submit a photocopy of PRC Board Rating Certificate)
  12. For students availing of PVAO or USV AO educational benefits and other scholarship grants, submit a Certificate of Grant.