Kharkiv National Medical University


Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) Ukraine is one of the oldest higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It was founded in 1805 as the Medical Faculty of the Kharkiv University. Kharkov Medical Institute and Kharkov State Medical University are old names of Kharkiv National Medical University/KNMU.
Kharkiv National Medical University is an integral part of the scientific, intellectual and cultural history of the country, one of the oldest medical establishments of Ukraine, a member of the International Association of Universities. Being founded in 1805, it has acquired invaluable experience in training doctors and is a leader of medical education in the country. Since 1951, university has become one of pioneers in training medical personnel for different countries of the world. During this period our educational establishment has graduated over 7,000 specialists for 120 countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle East. Graduates of Kharkiv National Medical University work in all parts of the world; they return health, and often even life, to people, therewith creating a good reputation for their alma mater.
Since 1951 the University has been training specialists for foreign countries of the Eastern Europe, China, Mongolia, and since 1961 students from the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America have been studying here. Now, 3700 foreign citizens study at KNMU at the Medical and Dentistry Faculties, at the clinical postgraduate course. More than 7,500 specialists from 86 states of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Middle East have graduated from KNMU since 1951. Among them 12 Doctors and 90 Candidates of Medical Sciences, about 200 postgraduates. The languages of instruction for foreign students are Russian and English. KNMU has become an important centre for international students who need expert teaching in learning. The University is currently training about 8,000 students, among them 3700 foreign citizens
Educational services for foreign citizens
Foreign students of Kharkiv National Medical University study at the 5th Faculty for Training Foreign Students (Russian medium) and at the 6th Faculty for Training Foreign Students (English medium), as well at the Preparatory Department, or undergo postgraduate and clinical postgraduate (residency) courses (Licence of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine AB No. 552643).
Undergraduate medical education

Foreign students are trained for:
General Medicine - the period of study is 6 years.
Languages of instruction: Russian, Ukrainian, English. Since 1996 the University has been training students in the English medium in General Medicine. The academic groups consist of 8-10 persons.
Within the period of studies the students undergo academic training in main medical and dental specialities. They take part in examinations of patients, giving urgent aid, work at X-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. Particular attention is paid to clinical rounds of patients, their management, filling in and arrangement of medical reports with their subsequent analysis.
The graduates are awarded a Diploma of Specialist and qualified as Physicians with the title of “Doctor of Medicine” in General Medicine



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Student Life

Entry requirements
In order to enter Ukraine with the purpose of receiving higher education it is necessary to get a student’s visa in the Ukraine’s Embassy. The visa is granted on the basis of an invitation of the Ministry of Education and Science; this invitation is issued by the University in accordance with the established procedure. In order to receive the invitation it is necessary to submit an application and copies of the person’s passport and general certificate of secondary education.
Foreign citizens, who have complete upper secondary education, are admitted to the first year.
Candidates for training in the first year and at the Preparatory Department should submit the following papers:
1. document, which confirms required qualification for studying at higher educational establishments: a general certificate of secondary education plus a transcript of subjects taken and grades awarded (biology, chemistry and physics are compulsory);
2. birth certificate;
3. medical certificate of health confirming ability of training under conditions of the climate in Ukraine and certified by an official health care authority of the country, where a foreigner has come from; the certificate should be issued not later than two months before the person’s arrival in Ukraine for studying;
4. certificate evidencing absence of HIV-infection;
5. insurance policy for giving emergency medical care;
6. 8 colour photos having the size of 3 x 4 cm;
7. return ticket valid for one year with an open date for the applicant’s return to his/her home country.

Kharkiv National Medical University has a very good hostel system with fully furnished rooms, quite study environment and surrounded with recreation center.
The International Office provides a guarantee of accommodation placement services to all international students who receive an academic offer. There are several accommodation options for international students and it is important to consider whether you prefer an independent lifestyle or enjoy living in a community.
Combine the convenience of living on or near campus, access to programs and services to help you excel academically, the opportunity to build lasting friendships, and comfortable, affordable living and you have the life of a University. The territory of the University and the main students’ routes from the hostels to the educational buildings are protected and patrolled by officers of guard service.
All rooms in hostels are provided with internet facility.