Sumy State University

Medical University

University is located in Sumy city in the North-East of Ukraine. Its history began in 1948. Today, SSU is a leading university of a classical type with the III-IV accreditation level in the region.
The University currently serves more than 16,000 students who are pursuing pre bachelor, bachelor, specialist and master degrees in 46 majors and 22 fields of knowledge according to the list of majors 2015. About 1300 foreign students represent more than 50 countries worldwide.
Sumy State University is included in Global Research University Profiles (GRUP) by Shanghai Ranking taking position 500+. SSU is also included in the directory of world’s best universities by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
Sumy State University enters the TOP-group (3%) of leading universities of the world and is classified as a university with high research intensity according to the international ranking of higher education institutions QS World University Rankings. SSU is in the TOP-100 according to QS University Rankings: EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) among the universities of this region. According to these rankings, SSU enters the TOP-5Ukrainian universities. SSU also ranked 101-150 among the fastest-rising young stars of the higher education world by the QS.
According to the worldwide Internet rankings Webometrics and uni Rank University Ranking, SSU takes the 3rd and 2nd places respectively among Ukrainian universities. It also takes high positions in the European ranking U-Multirank that identifies most of indicators of academic, extracurricular, international and other activity of SSU as being higher than the world average value.
Sumy State University is the first Ukrainian higher education institution, which has passed in 2014 an independent external audit of the QS Company and was given the highest points (5 stars) in such categories as Teaching, Engagement, Access, and E-learning.
According to the results of Round University Ranking, completed by one of the largest information and analytical companies in the world Thomson Reuters, Sumy State University takes the 671st position among the world's universities and the 4th position among Ukrainian universities.
In accordance with University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP), evaluating the quality of scientific and research activity of world’s universities, Sumy State University holds the 7th position among Ukrainian universities and is included in the TOP-10% universities worldwide.
According to SCImago Institutions Rankings Sumy State University takes the sixth place among Ukrainian universities and enters the TOP-200 universities of Central and Eastern Europe. According to international ecological ranking UI GreenMetric 2016 Sumy State University takes the 65th position among the worlds universities and the 1st positions among Ukrainian universities. SSU is the 1st Ukrainian university to enter this ecological ranking.
According to the number of administrative agreements and grants, and the efficient use of budget funds Sumy State University is one of the leaders among Ukrainian universities. Sumy State University is the 4th among Ukrainian HEIs according to the results of evaluation of the quality of universities’ scientific activity based on the citation of scientists on Google Scholar by Webometrics.
SSU holds high positions in the consolidated ranking of Ukrainian universities “” (educational leader in the northern region, the 7th position among all the universities). SSU also enters the TOP-3 Ukrainian universities based on the international activity indicators according to “TOP-200 Ukraine”.
The University holds the highest position among Ukrainian higher education institutions for the number of prize-winning places in All-Ukrainian competitions of students’ research works and is among leaders in All-Ukrainian Olympiads in educational disciplines, training areas and majors.



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Student Life

General Medicine
During the six years of study undergraduate educational programme, students study different fundamental and clinical disciplines. Studying encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of diseases. Modern medicine applies the health science, biomedical and genetic research and medical technology to diagnose and treat disease, through medication, surgery, or some other forms of treatment. Medical Institute is widely known for its multiform innovative teaching, practical training and research programmes of international cooperation.

Admission to the Medical Institute of Sumy State University takes place after the conclusion of a contract. Students study in groups that consist of 8-10 students due to selected language. The second year students attend their clinical studies, where they can gain an experience in caring for the patients. At the beginning of the third year of study clinical disciplines are observed. Students can study any topic they are interested in and to improve their knowledge in the departments of students research communities. The programme must be passed successfully before students are permitted to graduate. Student life includes: academic mobility programmes, international conferences, summer international practice, operate student initiative, sports, health and lifestyle volunteering.
Clinical Practices
All clinical departments are located in the leading institutions of the regional center. They took the status of clinical department according to order of the Ministry of Health and the order of the Regional Administration. The status of clinical has: regional hospital for adults, hospital for children, Infection hospital, Clinic of Radiation protection, Hospital for Invalids of Great patriotic war, Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction, Oncology Center, Antiphthisic dispensary, venereology dispensary, neuropsychiatric dispensary, medical and sports clinic, City hospital № 1, № 4, № 5, Clinical Hospital for children. The total number of bedspaces is about 4,000 beds.

Clinical facilities are equipped with such modern equipment as CT, stationary pressure chamber, biochemistry analyzer, apparatus for extracorporeal detoxification, mechanical ventilation of lungs, cardiomonitors, radiological and endoscopic equipment, Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus, vehicle of artificial kidney and other. The teaching staff of the Institute uses the latest ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, encephalograph, Doppler, biochemical, clinical and ELISA cardiotocograph analyzers and many other devices.

Collectives of the clinical developed and enforced a number of regional programmes. The aim of these is to improve the diagnosis, treatment, to prevent the disease and to reduce their harm. Among the regional programs are: "Antihepatitis," which help to make better the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis of viral etiology. "Prevention of Cerebrovascular diseases," according to the etiology and risk factors is studying, measures for prevention of stroke and rehabilitation patients are developing. Teachers take part in the implementation of state and regional programs, such as "Health," "Children of Ukraine," "Oncology," "Diabetes," "The Programme of Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension in Ukraine," etc.

At the clinic or work plans to open regional diagnostic and treatment centers: hematological (clinical infectious diseases), pancreohepatobiliar (clinical surgery), cerebrovascular disease (Neurology Clinic), gastrointestinal bleeding and diabetic foot (surgery and hospital care), psychosomatic disorders (Clinic of Psychiatry) and others.

Professors and associate professors conduct the clinical rounds of patients, counseling techniques in clinics and review of patients in hospitals almost all hospitals of Sumy. Assistant and clinical residents are treating patients of departments and make night duty.

Surgeons performed complex and sometimes unique surgery in surgical and oncological diseases. In Sumy for the first time region were put into practice such complex surgeries as: disemboweling of pelvic, pancreas-duodenal resection for cancer of the pancreas, lymph drainage of the thoracic duct and umbilical vein for chemotherapy, removing tumors of the anterior abdominal wall defect with plastic skin-muscle on the vascular pedicle flap, resection of the lower lip with resection of the mandible and skin-grafting of the defect in the muscle flap vascular pedicle, shoulder-blade amputation, removal of tumors of the mediastinum sternal access lung removal and hemipericardium removal, parasternal limfadenektomia about breast cancer, removal extra-abdominal desmoids of the neck, flap and the plastic arts of autodermal layer and alloplasty nylon wall on the complex recurrent post-operative ventral hernias, organkeeping surgery for splenic injuries, right-side and left-side hemihepatektomia, in intestinal-mesentery applique for acute and chronic adhesive disease with syndrome of acute intestinal obstruction.

The use of sodium hypochlorite solution of various concentrations in patients with purulent infection was introduced in the clinic. Reasonable medical and diagnostic tactics in patients with perforated gastro-duodenal ulcer. For the first time in the region at the Otolaryngology Clinic introduced endoscopic methods of diagnosis and manipulation of diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

Methodologies of treatment of patients are improved on the disease of thyroid depending on immune status and other.

The level of emergency and urgent care to patients of Sumy oblast significantly increased which involve of professors and associate professors become better. The question of visits the patient by doctors and consultants staff departments of the Medical institute is under constant control of the management of health care.

Every year over 100 new methodologies are inculcated in medical diagnostic process and help to improve the effective of treatment and diagnostics.

The great deal of work is making: visits to regional health care facilities, review of medical records, working in consulting and appraisal committees, conferences, taking part in the work of college of Health Department, and etc.

Such work of scientific and medical societies becomes more effective and interesting: infectious disease specialists, pediatricians, surgeons, internists, neurologists, obstetricians, where the heads are teachers of the institute. More often regional research and practice conferences began to be conducted with edition of theses.

Reading of lectures is entered by the students of senior courses for students and students of middle educational establishments.

The faculty of Clinical departments executes a large amount of health care during the summer practical training. Each year over 20 teachers involved in this work. Sumy clinical hospitals are the base summer practical training. The highly skilled specialists are managers of these bases. The programmes of practices for students of all courses in all disciplines, uniform diary of practices, and continuous application of practical skills are developed. The students show during the practice the reveal qualitative theory, deontological knowledge, skills for their practical implementation.

Making a great part of health care and treatment work, faculty Medical Institute does not stop there, not complacency, but rather trying to find new forms to improve efficiency of treatment, diagnosis and prevention.

Dormitories of SSU Medical Institute
Sumy State University Students' City consists of 5 dormitories, where more than 800 students are living. All students, who want to live in a dormitory, as well as student families, are ensured with dormitories. The University Residence provided an excellent service, which has met the living needs of thousands of long term and short term stay clients. This facility built an enviable reputation for its services and is recognized for its exceptional value-for-money. Recently the University has opened a dormitory, which provides excellent residential facilities. Each room in the dormitory is provided with kitchen, where students can cook everything they want. Students need to supply their own kitchen utensils. Foodstuff may be bought in various food shops. All the kitchens are provided with heaters. Our dormitories feature 24-hour access to security and emergency services, simplifying their needs. The University Residence provides students with modern, fully serviced and comfortable accommodation. Continuous investment is made to ensure that the facilities serve the student within the context of a modern academic residence.

Students Health and Medical Care
In September 2013, SSU Rector Professor A. Vasylyev under the patronage of a regional government opened the sanatorium-dispensary, which located at the natural district Basy. It has been created to provide diagnostic and treatment services for society, especially for students and staff. The sanatorium-dispensary is equipped with the latest technology of modern medicine in accordance with the modern criteria of European standards. In particular, the sanatorium-dispensary has all facilities for modern functional research methods elektrokardio- and electroencephalography, phonocardiography, complex stress tests aimed to detect latent coronary heart disease, hypertension, neurocirculatory dystonia and other disorders. Also the sanatorium dispensary provide such medical services as electrophoresis, electroplating, amplipuls, diadynamometriya, dorsonvaltherapy, KVCH- and UHF wave therapy, electro and ultrasound therapy, phonophoresis, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, massage, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. On the clinical base of Medical Institute professors and teachers provide consultations and treatment work.During 2014—2015 academic years, more than 200 students of Medical Institute was treated and rehabilitated in Basy sanatorium. We are really taking care about the health of our students!

Library as the cultural center of the medical institute is an important structural unit, which provides the educational, scientific and research processes. An important role of providing students and University staff with the materials belongs to the library. The scientific and research library of the Medical Institute is an auxiliary for teaching, scientific and research, informational and cultural enlightening division.The work of library is purposed for building and protecting of book stocks and meeting the readers' needs and the tasks of teaching and research processes with most possible effectiveness. One of the main tasks of the library is supporting the teaching process and the independent work of the students, which requires an effective interaction with the Teaching division, dean's offices and departments. The stock formation sector and the textbook loan system keep the catalogue reflecting the extent to which the teaching process is provided with books. There are a lot of reading halls, connected with the University data bank information and the Internet. The references and information facilities are open to the society.


Foreign citizens must bring to Sumy State University such documents as:

1. Original Invitation Letter;
2. School Certificates;
3. Birth Certificate;
4. General Medical Certificate. The certificate should be issued not earlier than 2 month before his arrival to Ukraine;
5. HIV (Medical Checkup Certificate);
6. 10 photos size 40x60 mm;
7. The flight ticket should be to and fro to your home country (i.e., open ticket);
8. Questionnaire of due/standard form (hilled in at the university);
9. Insurance policy on rendering emergency medical aid to foreign students (hilled in at the university);
10. National passport is given personally.

Documents in paragraph 2, 3, 4, 5 should be translated into Ukrainian or Russian language and legalized by Ukrainian Embassy in your country.
Candidates for studying in English must pass an English test in order to confirm their knowledge of English language.
Candidates for studying in Russian must pass the Russian language test.
Candidates for studying at the master' courses or postgraduate courses must notify educational documents (the procedure of notification takes place at the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine).
Foreign citizens must come to Ukraine within the period from August 15 till November 15. Entry visa is opened on the grounds of the official invitation.